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Our Healing Sessions


In the UNIVERSE all the energies vibrate on a particular frequency. When we feel emotions like love, compassion & gratitude our energy automatically vibrates at a higher frequency in the universe. When vibrations come together, they start to sync up and resonate at the same frequency in a kind of spontaneous self-organization—which is described in physics as sympathetic resonance. This resonance may also form the basis of what we call consciousness, or intelligence, which science is increasingly revealing to be a fundamental property of energy and, therefore, all matter.  It’s scientifically proven that all plants, stars, rocks, animals, humans, clouds, wood, computers, glasses, pens, every single thing in the universe has its own energy. Each frequency vibrates on a different level from time to time. It also gets affected by the surrounding energies & vica versa. Nikola Tesla, understood electricity, or light, as the movement of energy through the aether, the all-pervasive “luminiferous ocean of clear light” that these waves traveled through. The whole human body is all an ALCHEMY of the ENERGY, FREQUENCIES & VIBRATIONS which creates ELECTRICITY. The circuits of the BODY (MERIDIAN LINES), the propellers which keep the ELECTRIC CURRENT moving  (the Chakras), everything within us is so beautifully connected & synchronized as a PERFECT SOOTHING MUSIC.  The THOUGHTS which malifically hit our MIND, disturb the frequencies of the BRAIN (ALPHA, GAMMA, BETA, THETA) which help us FLOW from state to state, disturbing the ELECTRIC CIRCUIT of our BODIES, CREATING DISEASES, creating wrong KARMIC LESSONS.Hence Sound Healing hepls you to create a balanced life and heal all the challenges in the area of Relationships, Career, Finance, Personal and Health

Rs 3500 | 60 mins

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Sound Healing is a very powerful even for any kind of Land/ House/ Apartment/ Office. Every proeprty has energies which resonate to the owner. when those energies are imbalanced we feel stressed being in a property and it causes challenges in relationships or business. 

When we heal, integrate and integrate that property , you will see benefits for being in that space. 

Once the property is healed you can buy/ sell/ rent it which will give you huge Financial benefits. The best part is that we dont do any Construction changes or Vaastu changes. 

Rs 12,999 | 60 mins

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