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Building Transformative Life

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Get a introductory free consultation to understand your requirements better and suggest the next course of action for the sorting the challenges that you are facing.

About Building Transformative Life (BTL) 


Building Transformative Life (BTL) is a Bengaluru based personality development company focusing on people and process transformation. Building Transformative Lives (BTL ), known as Building Blocks of Life before, was conceptualized in 2013 to enrich lives by empowering individuals and companies; supporting them to exceed their potential.


Building Transformative Life was created to spread happiness in each family and bring each one of them closer. We focus on building and enhancing the quality of behavioral solutions for clients who have been at the forefront of our work. BTL is a space where all age groups have something to find for themselves.

We strongly believe that behavioural sciences can be used by individuals and businesses to create success easily; we work with them in assessing is their needs and create customized solutions for progress.

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