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About Us

We are on a mission to transform and complete with by understanding the patterns each individual or family creates through the Karmic Debts and keeps creating a loop for lifetimes to come and take them on a journey from Illness to Wellness 

Personal Therapy and Counselling

Personal Healing 

Property Healing

Karmic Numerolgy

Astrology/ Ayurveda

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Our Story

Am a mother of 2 beautiful daughters and I would credit my journey of transformation to my daughters. 

Been in the field of Parenting, Graphology, Play Therapy, Affirmations, Art Therapy, Sound Healing and finally a SOUL THERAPIST

Am on this journey to complete with each Soul who is here to complete with each other. When waste a lot of time to understand the loop that we create in every moment of life and other lifetimes. 

Being Married to Mehul Doshi,  an IT genius and now working in the occult field of Astrology and alternate remedies through Ayurveda treating patients suffering from Epilepsy, Parkinsons, Breast Cancer, Weight Loss and many more.  


We have been creating beautiful memories since 20 yrs.

Our Mission is to work with millions of Families and take them on the path from Illness to Wellness by using Interdisciplinary aspects of Healing and Alternate Medicine and Sciences

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